THOUSANDS of counterfeit goods were seized by Hillingdon Council officers in a day of action.

During the operation, led by the trading standards team, more than 10,000 illicit tobacco products were discovered, along with other items such as fake Viagra, Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas, which is illegal) and counterfeit first-class stamps.

Ten off-licences across the borough were visited following reports of suspected trading in counterfeit goods.

Seizures were made from six premises and included 10,500 cigarettes, plus hand-rolling and smokeless tobacco products.

Cllr Douglas Mills, Cabinet Member for Community, Commerce and Regeneration, said: "While the majority of our businesses in Hillingdon operate legitimately, there are unfortunately a minority who think they are above the law, potentially putting unsuspecting customers at risk.

"It's the job of our trading standards team to protect the public from these unscrupulous traders, who put money before the safety of consumers.

“This day of action has seen potentially dangerous and counterfeit goods taken off our high streets, and further action will follow. We won't hesitate to do the same to anyone else operating like this."