EALING Central and Acton’s Labour MP formed an unlikely alliance in a bid to convince the Government to review the potential benefits of Vitamin D as a weapon against Covid-19

Multiple studies have shown the vitamin to be a highly-effective defence against the virus

The Government is reviewing the potential benefits following a meeting between Health Secretary Matt Hancock and Vitamin D advocates Rupa Huq and former Brexit Secretary David Davis. 

Rupa Huq said: “Our conversation will be ongoing. I am glad he was willing to listen with an open mind to the evidence. 

 “It’s common sense to include Vitamin D as part of the Government’s strategy. It’s cheap and could be a crucial weapon as we face a dual Covid/flu crisis this winter.

 “I hope the meeting will prompt the Government to include Vitamin D as part of its arsenal in the UK’s fight against this wretched virus.”

One in five Britons are reportedly deficient in vitamin D, but the rate is up to 90 per cent in people with darker skin.

Ms Huq is keen for Vitamin D to be offered on prescription for the most vulnerable, a measure that would cost £200-£300m.