The Green Party in Harrow has urged the council to block plans to cut down more than 20 protected trees near a major housing development.

It voiced its objections to the proposals at the former Kodak site in Harrow View, which, according to Harrow Council’s planning portal, could see 21 trees felled.

The proposals have been put to the council because the trees are covered by tree protection orders, which means work can only be carried out with permission of the local authority.

Emma Wallace, the Green Party Greater London Authority candidate for Brent and Harrow, explained that these trees are mature – with some more than 80 years old – and from a variety of different groups.

She said: “Harrow Council declared a climate emergency in the summer of 2019 and has committed to protecting Harrow’s environment and its trees in its Climate Change Strategy 2019-2024.

“It would be a betrayal of these commitments and extremely short sighted to remove these precious, mature trees. Harrow Council must reject this application.”

Other members of the borough’s Green Party pointed out that these trees are particularly vital in a busy, congested area.

According to a report presented to the council by Ben Jones, arboricultural consultant at Middlemarch Environmental, the current trees would require “repetitive and potentially detrimental pruning works” due to the proximity of the new development and, therefore, it is deemed “most appropriate” to remove them.

He added at least 21 new trees of ‘standard size’ would be planted to replace any removed trees, which would be easier to manage going forward.

However, Green Party representatives noted that, given their “rich and complex ecosystems”, the removal of these trees could not be compensated for simply by planting ones.

Click here to view the planning application.