Plans to address inequalities faced by black people in Brent must be “genuine and permanent”, councillors have said.

A report presented to Brent Council’s cabinet on Monday (September 7) outlined an action plan to support the borough’s black community, which was approved by all councillors in July.

This includes a series of ‘workstreams’, which cover goals on education, leadership, community spaces, and the voluntary sector.

There are also plans to address health inequalities, and issues faced by the black community in areas such as housing and employment.

Cllr Mili Patel, who is responsible for children’s safeguarding, early help, and social care at Brent Council, said the council must make sure these promises are fully acted upon.

“This is a hugely important report that will be welcomed by residents across the borough,” she said.

“The immensely powerful Black Lives Matter has inspired this work, but we need to ensure that Brent’s commitment is genuine and permanent.

“We should regularly review the progress on these issues in the years to come and have this sufficiently scheduled into the council’s plans so our residents know our commitments are not temporary.”

Cllr Muhammed Butt, leader of Brent Council, agreed that it was important to focus on both short-term issues and those which will be implemented over a longer period.

He added that the council had been “challenged” by members of the black community to ensure it steps up and that he was “certain” it will “rise to that challenge”.

According to the report, those goals set for completion within six months will be prioritised, while those stretching beyond that will be able to be included in future council budgets.