More than 2,000 people have signed a petition urging Harrow Council not to follow through with contentious road closure plans.

They are objecting to proposals put forward as part of the ‘Streetspace’ programme, which could see partial road closures in Dennis Lane and Green Lane, Stanmore.

It comes as part of Harrow Council’s plans to implement new traffic measures using almost £640,000 worth of funding secured from the Mayor of London.

This will be used to promote cycling and walking initiatives in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as the council’s ambitions to encourage active travel.

However, those living in Stanmore believe these changes will cause “chaos” on surrounding roads and could end up harming the environment.

They argue it will force drivers to take alternative routes, which will cause further traffic build-up in and out of the town centre.

And they are concerned the council will push ahead with the plans, regardless of hundreds of negative comments attached to the Streetspace consultation page.

It is part of Harrow Council’s intentions to use some of the funding from Transport for London to create ‘low traffic neighbourhoods’.

According to the Streetspace page, “the schemes are designed to enable access for residents to their homes but prevent drivers that just wish to pass right through the area on their way to somewhere else without stopping”.

It also notes that “residential areas selected have had existing problems with vehicular through traffic which is detrimental to local residents”.

However, many criticised the proposals attached to Stanmore, arguing that it will have a negative impact on those who live there.

One objector described it as “half-witted” and suggested it will “make traffic so much worse”, while another suggesting it will “negatively impact quality of life”.

As well as the low traffic neighbourhoods, the council suggested using funding to increase safety around schools, widen pavements and create new cycle lanes in the borough.

The proposals will be discussed at a traffic and road safety advisory panel next Monday (August 10), which will be broadcast on the council’s website.

Visit to view and comment on the proposals.

Harrow Council has been contacted for comment about the petition.