A MAN suspected of arranging for house to be burned down across London has been arrested in Northolt.

Armed  officers helped detectives carry out a search warrant at an address in Halsbury Road in the early hours of today (30).

They used a tactic named ‘containment and call out’ – colloquially known as a ‘dig out’ - to bring the suspect out.

This is used in circumstances where police have intelligence to suggest the suspect is dangerous and could be in possession of weapons.

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A 29-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of three counts of conspiracy to commit arson and one with intent to endanger life in relation to three incidents in April this year. 

The arrest is part of Operation Eternal, launched by the Met against serious and organised crime.

It has monitored hundreds of handsets and analysed thousands of encrypted messages to build more than 100 cases, including this one.

Det Sgt John Cowell said: “This particular case focuses on a linked series of arsons across the capital, which could have killed or seriously injured many people.

“The suspect is alleged to have paid individuals to burn down houses and set fire to vehicles on behalf of other alleged criminal associates.”