Plans for a six-storey building that will provide 40 new homes were approved by Brent Council, despite some concerns around its design and the low amount of affordable housing.

Brent Council’s planning committee unanimously voted in favour of a mixed housing and commercial development in Lowther Road, Stanmore, on the border of Harrow and Brent.

It came despite some opposition from those living nearby, who said it will have a detrimental impact on their properties.

Objector Susanne Boodram said the development will “stick out like a sore thumb” and will “tower over” neighbouring homes.

She said she is “aware of the need for housing” in the borough but believes a scheme of this size is inappropriate and could “set a precedent” for the area.

She added Queensbury is at risk of becoming “overdeveloped” without adequate infrastructure and suggested, if a project were to be approved at this site, it was no bigger than four storeys.

There were also some concerns around the level of affordable housing, with just seven units – around 18 per cent – put forward for shared ownership.

Brent Council planning officers explained that this was the maximum amount available that would still ensure viability of the scheme.

Giuseppe Cifaldi, representing the developer, noted some value had been sacrificed in order to ensure there was some affordable housing at the site.

And planning committee chairman Cllr James Denselow said this was a good example of showing that, while it is important to aim for targets of 50 per cent, the level of affordable housing possible is “an art, not a science”.

Mr Cifaldi added that this will be a car-free development, with conditions attached to extend a nearby controlled parking zone and a ban on new residents applying for permits.

This, he explained, will ensure it has no impact on surrounding roads in terms of parking and traffic.