A HAREFIELD family are appealing for news of their lost dog after a year of tragedy and many challenges.

Queenie, now 14, suddenly ran off while on a country walk on July 7 and disappeared.

Julia Dearing, along with family, friends and neighbours, has searched everywhere for the Jack Russell, which previously belonged to her late mother.

They have put up posters, reported her on the DogLost website and started social media campaigns, but she has still not turned up.

“It is so unusual for a dog to disappear with no sightings,” said Karen Harding of DogLost West London.

“Now the thought is that someone has found Queenie and may be looking after her, thinking she has no family.

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“Losing Queenie has been heartbreaking. The link to Julia’s mum is irreplaceable and she doesn’t think she will ever be in a place to stop searching.

“Stevie, their other family dog, is suffering and appears depressed. He lies by the back gate waiting.”

Her owner, Julia, is a school teacher who lives in Harefield Village with her daughter Abby and son Sam.

Queenie came to live with the family when Julia’s mother had to go into a care home. The dog was taken each week to the home to try to lift her mum’s spirits.

Julia lost her mother this year to COVID-19 and caught the infection herself. 

She was also unable to see her brother, who is also in a care home, during lockdown, while all the time teaching the children of key workers.

Karen added: “If you know where Queenie is or you may have been offered her, please call DogLost on 07916 215189 in the strictest confidence."