Scorching temperatures could lead to thunderstorms and torrential downpours later this week.

The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for storms on Friday for most of the country - warning that some places could experience flash flooding.

Britain has been basking today in the hottest temperatures of the year so far, but temperatures will actually be lower when the storms arrive.

The forecast is for temperatures of around 27 degrees celcius on Friday dropping to the low twenties on Saturday.

Heavy showers and thunderstorms are likely to break out on Friday afternoon and evening in the south of England.

Many places will miss the storms, but where they do occur, torrential downpours could bring 30-50mm rain in a hour, with hail and lightning. The storms will slowly clear northeastwards on Friday night.

Meanwhile, the Met Office has confirmed it is officially the warmest day of the year so far across the UK after the temperature reached 32.8C at Heathrow Airport.

Commenting on the reasons behind the hot spell, Met Office chief meteorologist, Dan Suri, said: "We quite often see warm, southerly air from the continent bringing these high temperatures to the UK in summer, however this week, the air across the UK has arrived from the Atlantic.

"This Atlantic air will descend and warm up as it moves across the UK and this in combination with clear skies and strong late-June sunshine, we’re seeing temperatures rise.

"We’re also seeing an increased risk of thunderstorms towards the end of the week which is expected to bring an end to the very warm and sunny weather."