NO playdough, sandpits or water games, but plenty of reassurance from staff and outdoor play in smaller groups.

That’s the life-after-lockdown plan for Busy Bees, which reopens its nurseries at The Grove in Ealing and at Hillingdon Hospital this week.

It will focus on dividing youngsters into close friendship groups, limiting contacts, reducing the space they can explore and increasing time outdoors.

Children and staff will have their temperatures checked on arrival and during the day.

Busy Bees aims to keep life as close to normal as it can, with staff advised to cuddle children if they become upset and to wear face masks only for temperature checks.

The firm has kept more than 100 centres open during lockdown, to support key worker families and vulnerable children.

Emily Brimson-Keight, head of safety, said: “Now the lockdown is being relaxed, we’re keen to offer assurance and debunk the myths about the new normal for parents.”