STUDENTS from Notting Hill and Ealing High School have been using their time during lockdown to raise money for the charity, Hestia.

The initiative encourages those taking part to complete a task or activity themed around the number 20.

A donation to the charity is offered to enter the challenge and each participant then nominates two other people to enter.

Everyone is encouraged to film their attempts which are then shared on the school’s Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Activities have included attempting 20 burpees, 20 squats while holding pets, eating a plate of fruit with no hands in 20 seconds, balancing a cup of water while running for 20 seconds and bouncing a tennis ball on a racket while running 20 laps.

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Georgia Wells in year 12, who came up with the initiative, said: “We wanted to focus on fund-raising for victims of domestic abuse and modern slavery.

"We all agreed this issue was being overlooked, and many people weren't aware of the devastating impact lockdown is having on those people.

“I then came across Hestia housing and support, which works in many London boroughs, one being Ealing.

"The work they do is phenomenal, from rehousing those who need it to providing counselling services.”