A CHARITY in Ealing that supports young people and their families with performing arts and tutoring classes has gone online during the lockdown.

West London Performing Arts Academy in Northfields Avenue was founded in 2012 by three mothers, Michelle Welch, June Billham and Shanti Babrah, who pride themselves in going the extra mile for their students.

Prior to the lockdown, they offered community performing arts classes every Saturday during term time and education sessions during the week for children and young people who are home-schooled.

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Michelle said: “We cater for children with special educational needs, from autism to verbal delay, Downs Syndrome, to children who have struggled in mainstream school on the academic side."

June revealed: “Some of the children who are not comfortable in the classroom setting are coming up to the camera. They’ve found another strength through this.

"We can now ask ‘Does this child work better this way?’ and it gives us something to think about in the future."

The charity is hosting an online talent competition, which is free to enter, and the winner of each category will receive a £100 Amazon gift voucher. The competition closes at 9am on Saturday, June 30.