Virendra Sharma retained his long-held Ealing Southall seat tonight, with Labour’s 25,678 votes seeing off their six competitors, by Aman Pathiara, Suzie Tombs, Samuel Draper and Ronan Barnard.

Tom Bennett of the Conservatives won 9,594 votes, Liberal Democrats’ Tariq Mahmood gained 3,933, and Green Party’s Darren Moore won 1,688 votes.

The Brexit Party’s Rosamund Beattie gained 867 votes, the Christian People’s Alliance’s Suzanne Fernandes won 287 votes, and the Workers Revolutionary Party’s Hassan Zulkifal received 170 votes.

Mr Sharma has held his seat since 2007, and won tonight with a 60.8% vote share.

In his victory speech, he said: “We need to take power back and organise. That means standing up to power when it fails us in Westminster, where Boris Johnson has ignored the millions of us who want to stay in the EU.

"It's easy to respond to the strains of globalisation by turning our backs on others. But that is not the way of London, and it's not the way of Ealing, and it's certainly not the way of Ealing Southall.

“We are a community, and we are weaker divided than we are together. Today was a vote of tolerance and progress. Thank you for putting your trust in me.”

Mr Zulkifal, the Workers Revolutionary Party candidate, was in no doubt about the reasons for Labour’s poor performance.

He said: “The working class, the forgotten regions of Britain, have voted against the Labour Party. Why is that?

“Because the Labour Party are completely out of touch with the common people, and with the forgotten regions of Britain that were industrialised by neoliberalism. This is the exact same neoliberalism that controls the European Union – there is no democracy in the European Union at all.

“Look at France, look at Greece, look at the mass unemployment across Europe. Only a socialist government and a socialist Brexit will be able to uplift the working class.

“That doesn’t seem very likely, so that’s why we’re not going to give up. We’re going to amplify our strikes, we’re going to amplify our occupations, and we’re going to make sure that the cuts and closures do not continue under the Conservatives.”