James Murray retained Labour’s Ealing North seat tonight, having secured 56.5% of the vote share with 28,036 votes, by Aman Pathiara, Suzie Tombs, Samuel Draper and Ronan Barnard.

Conservative candidate Anthony Pickles won 15,767 votes, Liberal Democrats’ Henrietta Bowley gained 9,444, while Green Party’s Jeremy Parker won 1,458 votes.

Mr Murray, who wins his first election as MP, said: “I’m very honoured that people in Ealing North put their trust in me to be their MP. I’m looking forward to working day in, day out to represent everyone that lives in Ealing North, and to stand up for the community. 

“If we have a Conservative government, then part of my job will also be to fight against some of the policies that they bring in – their attacks on the NHS, the threat of a no-deal Brexit.

“The Conservatives need to know if they get this majority government, then we’re going to fight them every step of the way.”

Mr Murray replaced former incumbent Stephen Pound for this election, and was delighted to count on Mr Pound’s continued support.

“Steve and I have been out every day together, meeting people outside schools, meeting local community groups, and it’s been a real honour to have his support and help throughout this campaign.”

On what appears to be a difficult night for his party, Mr Murray promised to look after the interests of his Labour constituency. He said: “My priority, first and foremost, is Ealing North. Standing up for people who live here, and representing their interests in Parliament. 

“Some of the things that are most important to me are making sure we have more affordable housing, and to make sure that we protect the NHS. 

“We’re going to have a lot on our plate to do in Parliament, but we need to make sure that we build a fairer country; even though with a Tory government, it does mean we’re going to have to fight against all the stuff that they’re going to be putting through - for all the people in Ealing.”