Labour are set to have a strong showing in Ealing with polling suggesting they are on track to retain all their seats in the area, writes Cameron Eyles.

Ealing North, Ealing Central and Acton and Ealing Southall are set to remain under Labour control according to the latest YouGov MRP survey, one of teh few polls to correctly predict the outcome of the 2017 General Election. 

Ealing Central is probably the most significant win predicted for Labour, as the party only won the seat back in 2015.

Rupa Huq won by just 300 votes then but significantly increased her majority to 12,000 in 2017. 

The poll predicts that another win for Labour is on the cards as they look to build on their 60% vote share from two years ago.

Stephen Pound won the Ealing North seat from the Conservatives in 1997 and has held it ever since. 

Mr Pound has served in the Shadow Cabinet since 2010 but will stand down at this election. 

Deputy London mayor James Murray takes his place as the Labour candidate and is on course to become an MP as Jeremy Corbyn's party are predicted to retain their 66% vote share. 

Since its creation in 1983 Ealing Southall has been a Labour stronghold. 

Virendra Sharma won the seat in a 2007 by-election after the previous incumbent, Piara Khabra, died while still an MP.

Mr Sharma - a controversial figure who fell out with his local party before reelection - secured a huge 70% of the vote in 2017, one of the biggest majorities in the country. 

Despite success in Ealing, the YouGov poll for The Times predicts Labour will still lose 51 seats across the country. 

The Conservatives are predicted to regain the parliamentary majority they lost in 2017, gaining 41 seats for a majority of 68 - their best election result since 1987.