A driver has urged a council to use “common sense” and update a road sign after he was fined for using a bus lane.

Michael O’Sullivan, who works in haulage, was caught driving in a bus lane on two occasions at the junction of Alexandra Avenue and Northolt Road in Harrow.

The short stretch of bus lane from Petts Hill, which comes after another stretch that is only in effect at certain times, is marked by a sign that does not signal the time it is in operation.

Harrow Council explained that this means the bus lane is open only to authorised vehicles 24 hours a day and there is no legal obligation to state this with timings.

But Mr O’Sullivan believes the situation is “confusing”, particularly given the other bus lane in the run-up to the junction which has different rules.

He said: “I drive every day and I’m used to seeing all different kinds of road signs.

“But this is very confusing and I’m sure I’m not the only person who’s done this.

“It’s very simple – the council should state that it’s in use 24/7 and this will clear things up.

“They might not have to do it legally, but they have an obligation to residents.

“All I’m asking for is common sense. I’m not looking for compensation, I just want them to cancel the fines and put a new sign in.”

He outlined his grievances in an appeal to the Traffic Enforcement Centre at Northampton County Court.

In reference to the stretch of bus lane, he noted that, in accordance with the ‘Traffic Signs Manual’, ‘where there is more than one bus lane along a particular length of road or within the same geographical area, the times of operation should be consistent, where possible, to avoid driver confusion’.

According to Mr O’Sullivan the county court has revoked one of the fines and he is waiting for confirmation from the council.

He hopes to see a similar response to the second infringement and has urged the council to install a new sign.

Harrow Council officers stood by the enforcement action and said the “onus lies on the motorist to exercise due diligence” where bus lanes are involved.