Extinction Rebellion campaigner Jeremy Parker is putting the climate emergency at the centre of his campaign in Ealing North, writes Mark Stillman.

Mr Parker, who will stand as the Green Party candidate, has made no secret of his support for direct action in raising the profile of environmental issues.

He has written in support of peaceful and non-violent civil disobedience and believes other parties are not going far enough in their commitment to the climate.

"We are the only party that people can trust with taking action on the climate emergency, other parties are moving in our direction, which can only be good thing," he said.

"But it you want real action on the environment, we think we are the only choice.

"We're a no to climate chaos and yes to Europe party. We desparately want a second referendum and a peoples' vote on whatever deal is finally struck."

Ealing North voted 53.74% to remain in the EU referendum but two years ago the Green Party finished a distant fifth here, their tiny 1.4% vote share putting them behind UKIP.

The constituency is seen as a safe seat for Jeremy Corbyn, with Sadiq Khan's deputy mayor James Murray replacing outgoing MP Stephen Pound as the Labour candidate.

Former opera singer Henrietta Bewley is representing the Liberal Democrats while Anthony Pickles, the head of tourism at Visit Britain, will stand for the Conservatives.

"The three parliamentary constituencies in Ealing are dominated by one party and that's not a healthy situation for the borough," added Mr Parker.

"We want more accountability and protection of our green spaces. We are standing up for people who are being ignored in this election."