Labour's Virendra Sharma is on the campaign trail for the constituency of Ealing Southall after being reselected by his party.

He has been the constituency's MP since 2007.

Mr Sharma was re-elected in 2017 with a 22,090 majority, securing more than 70% of the vote.

He said: “I love this area and I know this area. I have a passion for Southall and I understand the local issues.

“I want to leave a legacy where people can see I was someone elected by the community, for the community.”



Mr Sharma added that he had lived in Southall for 51 years, since moving over from India in 1968, and was a councillor in the area from 1982 until 2010.

Mr Sharma faced a full selection process after losing multiple trigger ballots, but was selected to represent Labour in Ealing Southall again. 

The Green Party candidate is Darren Moore, who ran as an MEP earlier this year and is an active campaigner.

He said: “We need someone who is a local campaigner, who will stand up for the voices of the people and who will fight for a fairer society for all.”

The Green Party candidate from 2017, Peter Ward is running for The Renew Party this year.

A barrister since 1996, Mr Ward also has plenty of campaigning experience and stood for the party in Peterborough’s by-election earlier this year.

Despite the Green Party and the Liberal Democrats having an alliance in certain constituencies, there have been no conversations between the two Ealing Southall candidates.

Mr Moore said that they have a strong and close working relationship but no formal discussions have taken place and are unlikely to.

He said: “Ealing Green Party are in the best place they’ve ever been, so why would we want to step down?”

The Conservative Party candidate is Tom Bennett, who has been councillor for Redcliffe in Kensington and Chelsea since May 2018.

Mr Bennett replaces Fabio Conti who ran for the Conservatives in 2017, and secured 21.3% of the vote.

The Liberal Democrat candidate is Dr Tariq Mahmood, who has been an NHS consultant physician for over 20 years.