Labour’s Virendra Sharma won the seat in 2017 with a 48.9% majority, with 31,720 votes giving him a 70.3% share, up 5.3% on the previous election in 2015.

The constituency voted 58.17% to remain in the EU Referendum. The seat has been held by Labour since 1983.

Tom Bennett (Conservative)

Tom Bennett is a management consultant and company director. He represents the ward of Redcliffe on the Kensington and Chelsea council.


Dr Tariq Mahmood (Liberal Democrat)

Tariq Mahmood is an NHS consultant. He wishes to address the issues of knife crime, housing and pollution as main campaign objectives.

He was part of a scrutiny review panel for knife crime and youth engagement until May this year.


Darren Moore (Green Party)

Darren Moore is a trained Earth scientist and a supporter of the London National Park City Initiative. He is also an environmental campaigner and runs a soup kitchen every six weeks.


Virendra Sharma (Labour)

Virendra Sharma is a spokesperson for the Gujarati community and is involved in many projects helping developing countries.

In parliament, he asked the Secretary of State for International Development what he is doing to ‘develop stronger health systems’ in impoverished nations.


Written by Logan Forbes and Joseph Marshall

Information correct November 7

All candidates wishing to stand in the election must have submitted their nomination papers by 4pm on November 14. The final confirmed candidate list will be published on November 16.

The deadline for registering to vote is midnight November 26. Find out more here.