Labour's Rupa Huq won the seat in 2017 with a 24.9% majority, with 33,037 votes giving her a 59.7%, up 16.5% on the previous election in 2015. 

The constituency voted 70.85% to remain in the EU Referendum. 

The seat, which was created by boundary changes in 2010, has been held by Labour since 2015, when they won it from the Conservatives.

Samir Alsoodani (The Brexit Party)

Samir Alsoodani was named in the second wave of Brexit Party candidates by Nigel Farage in August this year.


Sonul Badiani-Hamment (Liberal Democrat)

Sonul Badiani-Hamment is the external affairs adviser for charity World Animal Protection, where she leads on their policy work in the UK. She was previously worked in advocacy for homelessness and human rights.


Kate Crossland (Green)

Green campaigner and active member of her local community Dr Kate Crossland says she is standing to bring the focus on the key issue of the moment - the climate emergency and ecological crisis. 

"We understand that to save our climate and ecosystems, sustainability must be at the heart of every debate, policy and decision. We fear the consequences of empty election promises made to win votes and broken by party political divisions, within and between parties."


Julian Gallant (Conservative)

A musician by profession, Mr Gallant is a school governor and served for three years in the territorial army.

"I’ve lived right here in Acton since 1998 and I really love this community with its diverse population, elegant architecture and parks. It’s where I’ve worked and brought up my family."


Rupa Huq (Labour)

Rupa Huq was raised in Ealing, attending Montpelier Primary School and Notting Hill and Ealing High School. She graduated from Cambridge and worked as senior lecturer in sociology and criminology at Kingston University.

After a spell as a local councillor she won the seat from Conservative MP Angie Bray after securing a 13% increase in the Labour vote in the 2015 election.

"Labour defied expectations in the last campaign, my own majority went up 50 times. If you look at he polls at the moment they are going our way and I'm getting a good feeling on the doorstop."


Zara Siddique (Renew)

A former champion boxer, Zara Siddique graduated from Cardiff University with a first-class honours degree in Maths and Computing. She has spoken at a number of tech conferences. 


Information correct November 7

All candidates wishing to stand in the election must have submitted their nomination papers by 4pm on November 14. The final confirmed candidate list will be published on November 16.

The deadline for registering to vote is midnight November 26. Find out more here.