WATER and wildlife campaign group Save the Colne Valley is hosting a walk on Tree Law at West Ruislip golf course this Sunday (10), 1-4pm, to mark UK Parliament Week.

People can have a say on the issues that matter to them most. HS2 vegetation clearance is already affecting wildlife and residents in the area.

UK Parliament Week is a festival which aims to engage everyone who thinks Parliament isn’t working for them, especially young people, with the politicians. 

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Schools, museums, libraries, faith communities and youth groups from every constituency have already signed up to the initiative.

A Save the Colne Valley spokesman said: “We are excited to [get] more people in Ruislip, Ickenham and Harefield involved in playing a vital role in their democracy.

"Our event is for people who love the outdoors and think governments could do a lot more to protect the water, land and wildlife that makes Hillingdon unique in Greater London."

In West Ruislip, HS2 contractors have already cleared large number of trees.

There will be plenty of activities including scarifying or stratifying an acorn to help it grow and walking the public footpaths. Refreshments are available at The Fairway.