Rupa Huq's postion as frontrunner for the Ealing Central and Acton seat comes after the 2017 general election which she won with a 13,807 majority.

This represented huge gains on 2015's result when she had just 274 votes more than the Conservative candidate Angie Bray.

We take a look below at the candidates standing for the three main parties in Ealing Central and Acton.

Dr. Rupa Huq

Music DJ, writer, columnist, and former lecturer in sociology at Kingston University, Dr Huq (pictured above) is currently MP. She was born in Hammersmith, and raised and schooled in Ealing, where she still lives. She has generally toed the Labour line in Parliament, but has differed from her colleagues by voting to curb tax avoidance. Her recent questions in Parliament have been around the outsourcing of healthcare, and treatment of mental and physical health. Huq’s parliamentary interests also include: work and pensions, environment and rural affairs, and transport, and she held the office of Shadow Minister for the Home Office: Crime and Prevention from 2016-2017.

Julian Gallant

The Conservative candidate has lived in Acton for 21 years, and has worked and raised his family here. He’s a concert pianist and conductor, businessman and former TA soldier, and has spent the last 4 years helping local charities and primary schools. He advocates getting Brexit dealt with and moving on to tackle violent crime, homelessness, and pollution.

Sonul Badiani 

Lib Dem candidate Badiani's love for animals is evident in her more than 5 years working in animal welfare. Before that she worked in homelessness and human rights. She has an educational background in law, history and politics. Like the other two candidates, she’s a keen musician, a pianist and songwriter.

Feature image: Chris McAndrew, from wikimedia, with thanks.