THE RSPCA rescued more cats than any other animal last year, including 2,350 in Greater London, as a result of calls to its national cruelty line. 

Its inspectors rescued the equivalent of more than 60 cats per day - or 22,000 over the whole year. It is four times the number of dogs (5,930).

Cat welfare expert Alice Potter said: “Sadly, we know that cats are an extremely misunderstood pet and can often find themselves the victims of poor care.

“Cats can become victims of air gun attacks as well as poisonings both accidental and deliberate.

“Just like dogs they can also become victims of over breeding and over population.

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“If you are thinking of taking on an animal we would always urge people to look into adopting a rescue pet.”

The RSPCA has launched a campaign, Adoptober, and is dedicating this month to raising awareness of its work. This week (14-20) is dedicated to cats.

To offer a rescue cat a home, visit

Cats like Tabitha, aged 11, at RSPCA Southall Cattery. She loves to feel special and adores attention, but she does like things to be on her terms. She doesn't like to feel too crowded.

Tabitha is a beautiful half  Abyssinian who needs a family that will take the time to learn what makes her happy. She is one of the cattery’s longest stayers.