Extreme flooding in many streets caused chaos as cars struggled to drive past.

Flood water of around 20 inches deep caused people to be trapped in their cars and traffic mayhem after the heavy rainfall on Tuesday (October 1).

Heren Patel, a member of community group #FixIt Harrow Network, had his journey to Northolt interrupted by the rain as he was driving nearby West End Lane, Pinner.

Cars were held up in a flooded road at Bridge Street, Pinner as people were stuck in traffic, while some cars were unable to move due to the water.

Bridge Street was flooded. (Credit: Heren Patel, #FixIT Harrow Member)

The London Fire Brigade were called to reports at 5:56pm of people trapped in their cars due to the flooding, which a spokesperson confirms that three cars were “stranded in flood water” under Pinner Bridge in the water of nearly 20 inches deep.

A spokesperson said: “Four people were released from their cars by police. There were no reports of any injuries.”

Two fire engines from Mill Hill and Park Royal fire stations attended the scene and the incident for the firefighters was over by 6:56pm.

Flooded roads were also spotted in North Harrow, Ruislip and Kenton Road. Water which was gathered in the roads was seen flowing and swaying onto the pavement as cars slowly drove by and pedestrians had their feet deep into water.

Various members of #FixIt Harrow Network also shared their accounts of flooded roads from the area.

Caren O’Braidagh, the founder of the community network, asked “how are we supposed to go outside?” as she recorded the beginning of the heavy rainfall.

A few hours later, more accounts were shared from other members about the flooding they could see.

CeX, a retail store based on Station Road, Harrow, also faced flooding inside their shop and the London Fire Brigade were called to the store to help out.

The flooding seen across Harrow has since cleared.