Protests over poor wages and overbearing management at Northwick Park Hospital has seen support of MPs.

Outsourced employees from Medirest, a healthcare catering and cleaning service, has seen support by local MPs after continued protests for poor wages, management and increasingly heavy workload.

Medirest porters, cleaners, ward hostesses and kitchen staff at Northwick Park Hospital held its second protest outside the hospital on September 19 after their original protest on September 5 in hopes to raise awareness of their concerns.

The facility management company took over services from the NHS Trust in 2017, and the GMB Trade Union recently presented a petition signed by over half of the staff of 400 employees, outlining problems with an endemic ‘bullying culture’ from the top-down at Medirest.

The second protest was joined with Gareth Thomas, Labour MP for Harrow West, and Dawn Butler, Labour MP for Brent Central, alongside other senior local councillors.

Mr Thomas said: “It is outrageous that the chief executive of Medirest earns close to £1,000,000 while the workloads of Northwick Park staff continue to increase, and their pay remains at the National Minimum Wage of £8.21 an hour. This is not a liveable wage in London.”

The GMB Trade Union is calling for Medirest employees sectioned at the hospital to have equal wages and a root and branch investigation into the concerns presented by the workers.

Tahir Bhatti, the GMB Regional Organiser, has also commented on the protests. She said: “Medirest have a lot of staff paid only the minimum wage, staff who clean up after patients, transport deceased patients and make sure the hospital functions.

“We feel that there should be respect and fairness for all Medirest workers.”