EALING Broadway-based West London Equality Centre, a charity offering legal advice and help within the borough, is now more than 50 years old. 

It is currently being helpd by the National Lottery Community Fund to support and assist victims of hate crime through a free service. 

Many organisations offer the chance to report hate crimes, but this service goes further.

A hate crime coordinator or trained volunteer takes a detailed account of the incident at the first interview and the wellbeing of the victim is assessed. 

If a crime or incident is apparent, the client is given help to report the matter to police and, where additional support is required, the WLEC will accompany him or her to the initial police interview.

The centre will liaise with police, where necessary, to report on the case’s progress.

If you believe you are a victim of hate crime, call the WLEC free on 0800 294 3479.

Ask to speak with Edmund Akeju or Paula Howell or leave a message. Theywill get back to you as soon as possible.