FOR the first time, Ealing residents will suffer low-flying aircraft preparing to land before 6am under Heathrow plans.

That’s the warning from campaign group Wakeup Ealing, which is urging people to make their views known in the airport consultation exercise, which finishes on September 13.

“The document is very long and complicated but you do not need to plough through it or even follow Heathrow’s instructions to respond,” said a campaign spokesman.

“A simple option to register your personal view is to email with [your view] that plans for new flight paths and additonal flights from 2022 would bring unacceptable noise to Ealing and elsewhere.

“Heathrow will take a lack of response as a sign of acceptance of its expansion plans - plans that could have a devastating effect on your quality of life.”

For a summary, visit and use the ‘consultation’ tab.