Brent Council is considering restructuring its council tax support scheme, which could see some people’s entitlements change.

It is consulting on the new system, which will be based on how much each person is able to pay, rather than the means test system that is currently used.

In the proposed system – which would be implemented in April 2020 – the incomes of the council tax support claimant and their partner are combined. The amount of tax relief the couple receives will depend on how much they born earn.

There will also be reductions to this support for every other adult living at the home – how much is based on the additional adults’ income.

Brent Council explained the new system would make it easier for people to claim support and it noted the banded scheme fits alongside Universal Credit (UC).

Cllr Eleanor Southwood, responsible for housing and welfare reform at Brent Council, said: “Brent is firmly on the side of people who are being hurt most by austerity and uncertainty, which is why the proposed scheme focuses support on those least able to pay council tax.

“It is also a simpler scheme, which I hope residents will find easier to apply to.”

She added the overall pot of money the council allocates for the scheme has been protected at £28.9 million.

The council outlined five key advantages of the new scheme – it believes it is transparent, easy to understand, efficient to administer, works with UC and will incentivises work.

It is consulting until October 10. Contact for more information.