THE campaign to stop two tower blocks being built in West Ealing has today unveiled a range of images showing the impact they would have on the surrounding area.

Gerald Power, chair of Draytons Community Association, said: “Plans for a 26-storey tower in Manor Road have been developed separately from a proposed 25-storey tower just over the road in Hastings Road. 

“The developers – Southern Grove and Thames Valley Metropolitan for Manor Road and A2Dominion for Hastings Road - denied any knowledge of the other’s plans.

“They have not provided local people with a view of the combined impact - and that’s where we come in.

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"Our images paint quite a different picture from those shown at consultation events, which contained only one tower and mostly from street level. 

“We want people to see what’s actually in store for them, should the developers get their way.”

Stop the Towers is waiting for Ealing Council to open up both schemes for public consultation and says it has more than 1,000 local residents standing by to object.

People can sign up at to join the campaign.