An international festival of arts, music and dance attracted large crowds to celebrate various cultures with delicious food and exciting performances.

Harrow Recreation Ground hosted the international festival of art, music and dance last Sunday (July 7), where various members of the community with different cultural backgrounds took part in the festivities.

The activities at the event included live choirs and music, accompanied by European and Asian dances, followed by Bhungra and Dhol performances.

Husain Akhtar, a retired Harrow councillor, said: “I was delighted to attended and photograph/video this cheerful community event at my local park – good fun and good – lovely family like atmosphere.”

The festival was just one of the many community events held throughout the year by the Harrow Recreation Ground Users Association.

Next month, Harrow Recreation Ground will have a Portobello Jazz Band on August 4, again attracting the community to relax at the grounds.