CAR owners in Ealing have shown they are among the likeliest in London to try car-sharing.

With the average car in the UK sitting idle for up to 23 hours a day, its residents have realised they could be earning up to £1,000 extra a month - by renting them out to a friendly neighbour.

Hiyacar, the car sharing app, shows that Ealing people earned more than £7,000 in the last year, making it one of London’s most popular areas for sharing.

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Statistics show there are more than 80,000 people in borough who have a driving licence but not a car. 

The wider impact for the community is an even bigger attraction. For every hiyacar driven, up to 11 vehicles are taken off the road.

Graeme Risby, co-founder and CEO of hiyacar, said: “There’s an incredible opportunity to make use of the sharing economy by doing things like hiring your next door neighbour’s car.

“Car-sharing makes much better use of the vehicles that already exist, helping owners make money, drivers to save money and all of us to benefit.”