PERIVALE Primary School is the 50th in the country  to have solar panels installed, so it can benefit from clean, green and cheaper energy.

It was honoured by the Schools’ Energy Co-operative, which is supporting schools to cut carbon emissions and teach children about climate change and renewable energy.

It is calling on the Government to do more at a time when children and parents are becoming more aware of the issue.

Perivale Primary is the 10th school in Ealing to become part of the scheme and the 12th in London. The Energy Co-op is developing 26 more schemes in London, including seven more in Ealing. 

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The Energy Co-op typically offers schools a deal where they have a 20-year fixed electricity charge of 9p for each kilowatt hour used (the going rate is about 12-13p).

When the panels produce more energy than a school requires, it is fed into the National Grid and any money received is shared with the Energy Co-op. Crowd-funding investors make their money back in a similar way.

The first school in Ealing to benefit was Castlebar Primary, whose solar panels were installed in 2016. 

Ealing Council leader Julian Bell said: “We have a climate crisis to deal with and every sector needs to be playing its part.”

Audrey Daley, head of Perivale Primary, said: “We’re able to show the children how we’re making a difference and reducing our carbon footprint.”