A group of councils are working together with a children’s charity to help make more successful adoption matches.

Harrow Council will lead London’s first ‘Regional Adoption Agency’ (RAA), which will pool resources and expertise to improve the adoption process.

It will join Redbridge, the City of London, Bromley, Waltham Forest and Slough in working with the charity Coram.

The move is part of a government campaign across England to simplify the adoption process and ensure that the voluntary sector and local authorities are collaborating as effectively as possible to speed up matching of children and approved adopters.

All councils across the country are expected to deliver their adoption services through a Regional Adoption Agency by 2020.

Cllr Christine Robson, responsible for young people and schools at Harrow Council, said: “It makes sense to draw on the knowledge and experience of as many adoption experts as possible for the sake of our children in need.

“Pooling resources will help create more families more easily, which is great news for the young people, potential parents and the adoption teams who work so hard to make these matches happen.”

According to the council, the Regional Adoption Agency will be the first port of call for adoption enquiries and it will provide support access for adoptive families.

Dr Carol Homden, chief executive of Coram, explained the “challenging climate of adoption” means it is vital organisations look to work together on the subject.

She added there is still a clear need for people to consider adoption in London and beyond.

“We urgently need adopters to come forward, and to achieve that means providing timely and effective support for adopters and for children,” she said.

“We would urge anyone who feels they can offer a safe, secure and loving family for a vulnerable child to contact us to find out more.”