A new interactive jungle adventure has launched at soft play centre

Jungle Monkeyz

in Pinner, Harrow.

The centre now offers a walk-through experience for children aged two to 10 and their families.

They will be asked to take on challenges and obstacles to find the "stolen gems" from the forgotten Mayan jungle.

The new adventure is the brainchild of entrepreneur, Nicolas Dasgupta.

Mr Dasgupta said: “It has been a dream of mine to create a fully immersive experience that transports children into a different world through a fun, exciting and educational journey. Jungle Monkeyz Adventure takes my imagination, inspired by my childhood experiences, and brings them to life.”

The young explorers will follow Alex the Monkey and will be crawling into hidden caves, colouring on an interactive screen, crossing a bridge over crocodile waters and digging in the sand.

Each lost gem represents a virtue, including caring and love, that the jungle guide introduces to the story.

Throughout the two-hour experience, children complete their personal adventure booklet, collect each gem sticker and look out for animals hidden in the jungle.

He added: “We have travelled around the world to find the best technology to make Jungle Monkeyz Adventure a great experience for our tech-savvy younger generations.

“As well as being great fun for children, we believe in teaching them world facts and the importance of good, strong virtues.”

The experience costs £28 for an adult and child.