A pub popular with fans going to Wembley is set for a £250,000 refurbishment – despite concerns about drunkenness and fire risk.

The Torch, in Bridge Road, was granted a licence variation by Brent Council, which its owners say will improve the experience for visitors.

It will include two new mobile bars in the pub’s outside area, an update to the toilets and a digital counting system to monitor capacity.

Chris Pearce, public safety officer at Brent Council, had some concerns about the fire risk assessment, given the high volume of people visiting on event days.

And Nicola McDonald, licensing officer with the Metropolitan Police, said there had been issues of people being excessively drunk in and around the pub.

The pub’s capacity was scrutinised by the council’s licensing committee, and it noted that The Torch should clearly display its limit on the front page of its fire risk assessment.

It added that the pub must take a “proactive approach to keeping outside noise to a minimum”, while “sufficient steel fencing” – at least 10ft tall – should be temporarily placed around its perimeter on match days.

Piers Warne, of TLT Solicitors and representing the pub, described these conditions as “proportionate, appropriate and more than good enough for this premises”.

“We are talking about a premises that has worked with the police and Wembley for many, many years,” he added.

“It takes match days very seriously – they are a big part of the business and contribute to its income.

“This is an important matter for the premises and the continuation of The Torch.”

The committee was satisfied that The Torch provided enough evidence of previous performance – combined with an agreement to display its capacity prominently on relevant documentation – to update its licence.

The refurbishment is planned for the summer, which would see the new system in operation for the next football season.