A woman who has been a fashion designer, retail head and investment banker has decided to take on a new challenge to become Mrs India UK.

Born in Delhi, India, Chander Shah has lived and worked in Britain, Canada, US and India and has her fashion brand called Amor Pankh which focuses on Indian designs and jewellery.

The 43-year-old from Harrow is now taking on the Mrs India UK beauty pageant for her next challenge.

Mrs Shah says she wants to use the platform to raise awareness of various causes such as abandoned elderly people, cancer patients and carers and even cyberbullying.

The beauty pageant contestant said: “I want to provide a platform for things that don’t get much attention.

“Be it abandoned elderly, domestic violence, or people suffering from Cyberbullying.”

Mrs Shah says it was her parents who instilled a sense of altruism and “gratitude” in her.

She says her family were well-off in India and they spent their time helping others.

Such as her father who helped musical acts in poor areas of India get promoted or her mother who helped provide education to poor girls who might otherwise get married off.

“My parents instilled in us a cause for charity, my father who loved music would help poor musicians get the attention they deserved - My mother was a housewife but was very spiritual and used to help impoverished young girls.”

Mrs Shah also says she is a “proud wife” married for almost six years to her husband Miten and have now become carers to his father who is elderly and needs help day to day.

Mrs Shah also currently volunteers at the Jasper Centre in Harrow and works with two charitable trusts in India who help elderly people who are unsupported.

She said “I have a wonderful, loving and supporting family, without whose support I would not have been here.

“Helping my Father-in-law has given me a real outlook on what it's like to be in that position where people could be abandoned in homes or not able to be looked after by relatives.”