A pub subjected to a licence review following an alleged assault has welcomed its council’s decision to improve safety and security at the site.

The Salusbury Pub, in Salusbury Road, Brent, agreed to licensing conditions put forward by the police and Brent Council’s licensing team.

It came following an incident in December where a man criticised its staff and subsequently called for a review of the premises’ licence.

The council upheld the pub’s licence – noting that a police report on the incident was now closed – but imposed new conditions including the installation of high-quality CCTV.

A ‘challenge 25’ policy, where staff are required to ask for ID if they believe customers to be under 25, is now in place and a ‘no proof of age, no sale’ is behind the bar.

The pub also maintains an incident log – recording crimes, ejections, complaints, incidents of disorder, CCTV faults, drug and weapon seizures, alcohol sale refusals and visits by emergency services.

“This was a one-off occasion,” said Rob Claasen, designated premises supervisor at The Salusbury.

“We have been here for a number of years and are a well-respected establishment in the area.

“We have a good relationship with our neighbours and the police and always obey the licensing laws.

“These recommendations are helpful for us – we welcome any updates to our systems to ensure that things are safer for all our customers and staff.”

He added that a new role will be created to manage the changes and “ensure that everything is complied with going forward”.

And he welcomed the attention of the challenge 25 policy, noting that the pub seeks to attract families and a more “mature” crowd.

Robert O’Keeffe, who put forward the licence review application, did not attend today’s (April 3) sub-committee meeting despite requests from Brent Council.