HEROES from Ealing have been recognised on for extraordinary acts of bravery and selflessness at the Police Commendation awards.

It was not just police officers who were rewarded as several members of the public got in on the action.

The youngest recipient was 14-year-old Torren Dewar, who saved the life of his friend who fell through a plate glass window after having a dog set on him.

He said: "Some kids set a dog on one of my best school mates and he tried to run into a shop for safety, but instead of the door opening he went straight through it.

"I just thought he would get up, but when I ran across to him I saw him lying on the floor bleeding heavily from massive cuts on his arms and his forehead.

"Normally blood makes me feel ill but I had to help him so I was leaning over him holding tea towels on his wounds and trying to mop some of the blood on the floor up with my foot so he didn't panic."

PC Diamond, who was first to arrive on the scene said: "When I got there I could tell from the amount of blood around that someone was badly hurt and it was one of the worst incidents I have seen.

"Torren was the only person in the shop not panicing, as the shop owners were rushing round.

"He told me exactly what the worst injuries were and helped me to stop the bleeding.

"I knew I had to get him here today to recognise what he did as it was so brave."