A RISE in violent crime has inspired an Uxbridge entrepreneur to offer a ‘panic button’ for young people.

Peter Woods, 30, was previously working as a freelance musician but took the plunge to develop Handi SOS six months ago.

The device, which can be discretely clipped on to clothing or a bag, is now available to buy online.

The button works in tandem with an app, which can be downloaded for free.

Users choose three contacts, each of which can be alerted to their location by a single tap, a double tap or holding the pad down for three seconds.

Mr Woods said: “For example, if the user has just left home and something happens, they can tell their family their location in an instant.”

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Before launching Handi SOS, Peter mainly worked as a guitarist and vocalist in bands performing for the military.

He was one of the last musicians to gig for troops at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan before it was closed.

He also had a stint as a games tester for Sega, where he worked on titles like Sonic.

He added: “I’ve been aware that many victims of crime are in their teens, when fashion is important and you want to look good. I hope the attractive design makes it an item people will wear without feeling self-conscious.”

The Handi SOS is available online at £54.99.