A MOTHER who was supported by a pro-life vigil outside a London abortion clinic will be filing a High Court challenge to the buffer zone outside an abortion clinic in Mattock Lane, Ealing.

Ealing Council confirmed that the Public Space Protection Order came into effect at 9am today (23).

Protesters argue it violates the human rights of residents and visitors as it prevents free assembly, freedom of speech, prayer and the reception of information.

Alina Dulgheriu was abandoned by her family and friends with a pregnancy that would have left her homeless and jobless. On the day of her appointment at an abortion clinic, she met vigil members who helped with food, clothes, accommodation and emotional support.

She said: “My little girl is here today because of the real practical and emotional support I was given by a group outside a Marie Stopes clinic.

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“It seems clear to me that Ealing Council has had a pre-determined outcome in mind since last summer and, despite the facts, has insisted on making this draconian order.

“It could have taken action in a way that would have protected women and safeguarded the essential, life-saving help offered at the gate.”

Clare Mulvany, who supports mothers outside abortion centres said: “As an Ealing resident I feel desperately let down by my council.

"It has chosen to enforce an order that has to be challenged in court, thereby wasting taxpayers’ money and damaging our trust in our representatives."