A GROUP of mothers who have been helped by vigil members outside abortion centres have condemned a decision by Ealing Council to introduce a buffer zone outside an Ealing clinic.

A crowd opposing the action gathered outside Ealing Town Hall on Tuesday as the decision was made by the cabinet.

The mothers spoke about the immense pressure they faced to go ahead with a termination, how they were helped by vigils outside a clinic; and why they were calling for the public to oppose such zones

The council decided to adopt a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) that criminalises offers of support to women, in the eyes of protesters.

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The Be Here For Me campaign is run by mothers helped by vigil members outside abortion clinics.

One such mother, Alina, told the cabinet meeting, said: “The process before the cabinet (meeting) has whitewashed out my voice and the voice of hundreds of women like me. We now know consultation was just a publicity exercise and the decision was already made back in October.”

Asha, who made a submission to the consultation, said: “I have personal and direct experience of meeting the pro-life people from the Good Counsel outside the Marie Stopes Clinic on Mattock Lane, Ealing, last October when I attended the clinic for a proposed abortion.

“I absolutely refute the council’s allegations that there is any harassment, name-calling or signs of intimidation as women either enter or leave the clinic.”