A PLAY written by artist Brian Whelan tells the story of a talented and tragic London Irish artist.

Whelan is an Irish painter, author and playwright, born in Ealing of Irish Catholic parents. His childhood was spent both in London and Ireland.

A Tragic Carmody is his first play and premieres this month as part of Against All Odds: The New London Irish Theatre Festival 2018 from the Green Theatre Company.

The play is based on Brian’s experiences working alongside his friend, the late Camden artist Danny Carmody, as they attempted to stage an exhibition of London Irish art.

Carmody, a former bricklayer,launched himself into being an artist, using materials he found around him to create his giant works of art.

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But, deeply troubled, he committed suicide in 2004. His work was never properly recognised during his lifetime.

Brian hopes the play will focus more attention on the Irish community’s visual artistry.

“I want more London Irish artists to make themselves known and find confidence in our achievements,” he said.

Against All Odds opens on Tuesday, February 20, at the Lion & Unicorn Theatre, Kentish Town, and runs until Saturday, March 3, until transferring to the Bread & Roses, Clapham.