BASSAM Mahfouz was selected on Friday last week as the Labour candidate for the newly formed Ealing and Acton constituency for the next general election.

He represents Northolt West End as a councillor and is the shadow cabinet member for the environment and transport, both of which he is pushing right to the top of his campaign agenda.

Mr Mahfouz said: "The three main issues I will be campaigning on are transport, in particular promoting Cross Rail over the West london Tram, the environment and affordable housing.

"With over six per cent of residents in the borough living in cramped conditions affordable housing is particularly relevant.

"It is a diverse community in every sense of the word with multi-million pound houses in Ealing and then the South Acton Estate, but I have grown up here all my life and I feel I am well positioned to represent the constituency.

"We had a well run selection process and the meeting on Friday was attended by 208 members so I feel I am the popular choice."

The Liberal Democrats have selected Jon Ball as their candidate for this seat, and the Conservatives have chosen London Assembly Member Angie Bray and the seat is expected to be very marginal.

There is speculation that Gordon Brown could call a general election as early as next May and this seat is predicted to be a closely fought marginal seat.