A PERIVALE teenager is banned from all BP service stations in England and Wales by a criminal behaviour order.

Police in Ealing secured the two year order against Ackem Moran, of Haymill Close, after he pleaded guilty to stealing food and drink in May from the BP service station in Western Avenue, Perivale.

The 18-year-old was convicted at Uxbridge Magistrates' Court on September 11 of two counts of shoplifting and was ordered to pay £298 costs.

The court order also forbids Moran from carrying any drug paraphernalia, associating in a public place in England and Wales with Ryan Fox, 18 and Kelsey Middleton, 18, and being in a group of people acting in a manor likely to course harassment, alarm and distress.

PC Karen Newland, from Ealing Anti-Social Behaviour Team, said: "Hopefully the sentence and criminal behaviour order will prevent Moran from committing further crimes and engaging in anti-social behaviour that causes untold damage to local community life."