A GRANDFATHER of two, who grew up in Greenford during World War Two, has published a book of his wartime experiences of the area, to coincide with the anniversary of VE day this week.

John Phipps, 82, who was six years old when the war broke out, attended junior school at Costins Lane and Greenford Grammar School from 1943-1948.

His book, Living Through a War, recounts his childhood experiences of evacuation, the ever-present threat of bombing and death, and the effect the conflict had on his family.

John said: “My most vivid memory of living in Greenford was when the very first V1 or Doodlebug came over and landed not far from our house in Ravenor Park Road - or at least it felt like it was near, but was probably quite a few miles away! “We were in a reinforced box room as a shelter and had a neighbour giving us a running commentary, which scared the life out of us!”

John now hopes his book, which has proved popular with schools, will help younger readers discover what happened to families during the war and show the enduring camaraderie and kindness of the people of Greenford.

The book is available online via Amazon, in paperback and on kindle/kobo