WORLD slam poetry champion Harry Baker was back performing in his home town of Ealing on Friday night in a bid to raise money for charity.

Maths student Harry, 23, wowed the crowd with his rhymes at The Grange pub, Ealing Common, where he performed two half-hour sets, mainly drawing from his debut collection, The Sunshine Kid.

He said: “There's something satisfying about having a pint in your local and being able to walk home after a performance.

“I always feel a bit more pressure in front of the home crowd. There are faces I've known growing up and then, suddenly, they've come to see me do my stuff on a stage. I guess it's an extra incentive to put on a good performance.”

Harry is renowned for his playful use of language and puns, which were showcased in his love poem for prime numbers.

Since winning the Poetry Slam World Cup last year, his talents have attracted audiences all over Europe and as far as South Africa and Canada, but he is looking to establish a regular gig in Ealing after he graduates from the University of Bristol this year.

He said: “I have nothing set in stone, but I think from September I'd like to have at least a monthly thing in Ealing, even if it's just hiring out a room in a pub.

“There's definitely an interest for it and I don't see why all the arts nights need to be in Shoreditch.”

All proceeds go towards The Amos Trust – working for peace in Palestine – to go with money he is raising for his London Marathon run on April 26.

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