EALING Liberal Democrats want fuel bills cut and carbon emissions from homes "reduced dramatically" by 2050.

They are travelling to Harrogate on Sunday for their annual national conference where the motion will be debated.

Cllr Jon Ball, who is attending the conference, is backing the plans.

He said: "Making Ealing a greener, cheaper and more sustainable community must be a top priority.

"I am travelling to Harrogate with my Ealing colleagues to back a move to cut carbon emissions from homes by more than half. This would save families here in Ealing a lot of money currently being poured into the gas and electricity companies' pockets."

A recent government study found 119,000 households living in fuel poverty in London, nearly five per cent of all households in the region.

And Government statisticians have calculated that, across London, there were 2,600 excess winter deaths, 2,300 of whom were pensioners.

Cllr Ball added: "Many people in Ealing can't afford to heat their homes properly. Many people died last winter who shouldn't have. It's disgraceful that pensioners can't afford to heat their homes.

"I want to see measures including a range of insulation, draught-proofing and window, heating and light replacement to help improve the energy efficiency of all homes in Ealing."