WOLVES howl, a train appears out of nowhere and hauntingly beautiful songs echo across the stage.

The Questors Academy Youth Theatre's production of The Wolves of Willougby Chase, running March 18-21, promises scares and surprises for the whole family.

The song-filled show, an adaptation of the classic by Joan Aiken, is set in an alternative past, where a tunnel from the Continent has left England swarming with wolves.

It follows cousins Bonnie and Sylvia as they get caught up in the evil plans of their terrifying governess, Miss Slighcarp.

It comes alive with a revolving house that reveals secret passageways, a gaggle of geese and a pack of growling wolves prowling around the stage.

One of those wolves will be played by 14 year old Miryem Budak, who is also playing Dr Field.

"When playing a wolf you have to think of its sense of smell, its hunger, its aggression — the emotions a wild animal would have," she says.

"This story is so exciting, filled with villains and secret passageways! Also I really love the songs! It's going to be fabulous and I certainly wouldn't want to miss it!"

Director Rachel Knightley said: "This adventure story is ahead of its time in so many ways. What we now call steampunk – Victorian fashions meeting futuristic elements, modern values and a sense of fun – is all here in a rich, dark, frightening and funny story.”

The young cast is made up of members of Questors Academy Youth Theatre and are aged 11-17.

One of the talented youngsters is Marley Brown, who will be stepping on to the stage of the Judi Dench Playhouse at The Questors for the first time to play Simon the Goose Boy, after joining the Academy in September.

The Wolves of Willoughby Chase begins each night at 7.45pm, with a matinee on Saturday at 2.30. Tickets are £7, with £5 for concessions, and £3 for those under 19.

To book, or for more information, see www.ealingtheatre.com