SHADOW Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne was among the guests at a glitzy Conservative party bash in Ealing on Monday.

The black tie party at Pitshanger Manor, Mattock Lane, was to celebrate the selection of the Conservative candidate picked to fight the new parliamentary constituency of Ealing Central and Acton, after Shepherd's Bush was jettisoned to become part of Hammersmith last November.

Leader of the London Assembly Conservatives Angie Bray was chosen to fight the seat at the next General Election which has been described as a "critical marginal" by party bosses.

Speaking exclusively to The Ealing Times, Mr Osborne said: "The Conservatives have chosen a brilliant candidate in Angie.

"She is already a powerful voice on the GLA and would be and extremely strong voice for Ealing.

"We have a great chance at the next election," he added. "The Government in Westminster is palpably falling apart. People have realised it is not enough to let the Government fail, people want a better answer. The Conservatives are engaging in bread and butter issues and selecting first-rate candidates."

The Electoral Commision reviews constituency boundaries about every 15 years.

The current MP for the area Andrew Slaughter was chosen as the Labour party candidate for Hammersmith after the reorganisation.

It is thought Labour councillor for Greenford Broadway Cllr Julian Bell will be announced as Ms Bray's main rival for the Ealing seat in the next few weeks.

Addressing the guests Mr Osborne said: "You do what you can locally to get her into parliament, and we will do what we can nationally to get her in.

"You have selected one of the brightest talents. I would not bet against her being in the Conservative cabinet."