THEY are an up-and-coming girl group from Ealing who love blending three-part harmonies and acoustic instruments to create a unique sound.

Inspired by the likes of YouTube sensations Pentatonix and Ed Sheeran, GirlCubed like to re-vamp and re-work their favourite tracks.

Over the past two years, Anna Kovacs, Sara Farooq and Georgia Lyons have blossomed from “messing around” with ukuleles at Notting Hill and Ealing High School, to playing sets in high-profile locations.

This month, GirlCubed were runner-up in the Mayor of London’s Big Busk 2014. The trio of 16-year-olds hope to continue developing their sound and fan-base through frequent gigs and busking.

I caught up with the girls to find out a little more about GirlCubed.

How long ago did you decide to form a band? Do any of you have any professional training or experience?

We've been playing together in school for about two years, but only formally started performing in July. None of us had any training but Anna taught herself guitar two years ago.

Where and when was your first gig or concert?

As a band, our first gig was busking on Regent Street, thanks to the Gigs Big Busk competition.

How did you end up singing at Westfield?

Through Gigs Big Busk, we were allocated different spots around London, where we could perform. Amazingly, we got to play at Westfield Shepherds Bush multiple times and Westfield Stratford once. Out of all of our gigs, Stratford was our favourite as the crowd gave us so much energy to bounce off and the set-up was brilliant.

How did the competition go?

We all felt very fortunate to be the public’s choice for the Grand Final of Gigs Big Busk. We had a ball getting to know the other finalists and being able to play Westfield Stratford's main stage! Unfortunately, we didn't win, but the experience was a lot of fun and we hope to enter again next year!

Do you all want to go into the music industry one day?

We all really enjoy music as a hobby and would love to have a career in it. Hopefully, we'll get the opportunity. We all write songs and, while our styles and influences are very different, we all hope to find our way into some aspect of the industry.

Would you ever enter the X-Factor?

I don't think we would because we'd like to enjoy the experience of playing gigs and building a fan base on our own terms. We just want to have fun and entertain those who have supported us.

Which artist do you aspire to be like?

We all admire the accapella group Pentatonix, whose harmonies are astounding! While we are not accapella, we hope to gain a similar vibe through our harmonies, teamed with an acoustic guitar.

When and where is your next public performance?

We currently do not have any gigs lined up, but we will be continuously uploading new songs onto our YouTube channel.